The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis

This honest and remarkable documentary (directed by Leonardo Machado) tells the story of Alex Lewis rebuilding his life after the ravaging effects of toxic shock syndrome. David Saunders’ composed the moving score to complement this inspiring film. Catch the trailer here: and watch in full tomorrow evening, Thursday April 28 at 9pm on Channel 4.

Games in 2016: BAFTA Awards

Games Awards Logo 1Well deserved nominations released for BAFTA Games awards – ‘Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture’ is nominated for an incredible nine awards including Best Music, congratulations to all the team especially composer Jessica Curry. ‘Assassins Creed Syndicate’ also up for three including Best Music, congratulations to Austin Wintory and ‘Halo V: Guardians’ is also up for Best Music, congratulations to Kazuma Jinnouchi. We’re pleased to say AIR Management’s Jake Jackson worked on Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture and Assasins Creed Syndicate and Geoff Foster worked on Halo V: Guardians, so very excited for all involved and good luck. Fingers crossed until the winners are announced on April 7th.
For more information and the full list of nominees go to: