Josh G. Abrahams
One Perfect Day, Eng/Mix

Mark Adler
Focus, Eng/Mix

John Altman
Hope Springs, Eng
The Matchmaker, Eng/Mix
Wings of a Dove, Eng

Alejandro Amenebar
The Others, Eng/Mix

Craig Armstrong
Bridget Jones’ Baby, Eng/Mix
Frankenstein, Eng
The Great Gatsby, Eng/Mix
In Time, Eng
Asylum, Eng/Mix
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with A.R. Rahman), Eng/Mix
Kiss of the Dragon, Eng/Mix
Love Actually, Eng/Mix
Magdalene Sisters, Eng/Mix
Moulin Rouge (with Marius DeVries), Eng/Mix
Plunkett & Macleane, Eng/Mix
Ray, Eng/Mix
The Bone Collector, Eng/Mix
The Clearing, Eng/Mix
The Quiet American, Eng/Mix
World Trade Center, Eng/Mix
Tobacco Project, Eng/Mix

David Arnold
Paul, Eng/Mix
Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Eng/Mix
Morning Glory, Eng/Mix
Made in Dagenham, Eng/Mix
Quantum of Solace, Eng/Mix
Amazing Grace, Eng/Mix
Casino Royale, Eng/Mix
Changing Lanes, Eng/Mix
D’Artagnan, Eng/Mix
Last of the Dogmen, Eng/Mix
Stargate, Eng/Mix
Stoned, Eng/Mix
The Musketeer, Eng/Mix
The Visitor, Eng/Mix
The World Is Not Enough, Eng/Mix
Tomorrow Never Dies, Eng/Mix
Wing Commander (with Kevin Kiner), Eng/Mix

Tim Atack
The Christmas Candle, Eng
The Invention Of Lying, Eng

Angelo Badalamenti
The Beach, Eng/Mix

Klaus Badelt
Ned Kelly, Eng
Pirates of the Caribbean 1 (choir), Eng

Lorne Balfe
13 Hours, Eng
War On Everyone, Eng
Terminator Genisys, Eng
Home, Eng/Mix
Dough, Eng/Mix
Penguins of Madagascar, Eng
Bless (video game), Mix

Roque Banos
Regression, Eng/Mix
Evil Dead (2013), Eng/Mix

John Barry
Amy Foster, Eng
The Specialist, Eng

Elmer Bernstein
Scarlet Letter, Eng

Dancer In The Dark, Eng/Mix

Terrence Blanchard
Bamboozled, Eng/Mix
She Hate Me, Eng/Mix
Summer of Sam, Eng/Mix
25th Hour, Eng/Mix

Bleeding Fingers
Planet Earth II (TV), Eng

Simon Boswell
Alien Love Triangle, Eng/Mix
Circus, Eng/Mix
Cousin Bette (with Danny Troob), Eng/Mix
Dr Sleep, Eng/Mix
Free Jimmy, Eng/Mix
Jack & Sarah, Eng/Mix
Jason & the Argonauts, Eng/Mix
Jimmy Grimble (with Alex James), Eng/Mix
Neighbour, Eng/Mix
Midsummer’s Night Dream, Eng/Mix
Photographing Fairies, Eng/Mix
Perdita Durango, Eng/Mix
River King, Eng/Mix
Sleeping Dictionary, Eng/Mix
The War Zone, Eng/Mix

Pedro Bromfman
Robocop (2014), Eng

Paul Buckmaster
Twelve Monkeys, Eng

Carter Burwell
Rob Roy, Eng

Chris Cameron
City of Angels, Eng

Michael Colombier
Meet Wally Sparks, Eng
Swept Away, Eng/Mix

Normand Corbeil
Different Loyalty, Eng/Mix
The Statement, Eng/Mix

Michael Csányi-Willis (with Nigel Clarke)
Rocket Post, Eng/Mix
Thief Lord, Eng/Mix

Daft Punk
Tron 2, Eng/Mix

Mychael Danna
Life of Pi (choir), Eng
Ride With The Devil, Eng/Mix

Marius De Vries
Primrose, Eng
Nina, Eng
Eye of The Beholder, Eng/Mix
Moulin Rouge (with Craig Armstrong), Eng/Mix
The Avengers (with Michael Kamen), Eng

Ramin Djawadi
Safe House, Eng
Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage, Eng
Iron Man, Eng
All The Invisible Children, Eng/Mix
Fly Me to The Moon, Eng
Open Season, Eng

Nicholas Dodd
Renaissance, Eng/Mix

James Dooley
Daddy Day Camp, Eng
When A Stranger Calls, Eng

Patrick Doyle
A Little Princess,  Eng
Exit To Eden, Eng
Frankenstein, Eng
Great Expectations, Eng
Hamlet, Eng
Mrs Winterbourne, Eng
Needful things, Eng
Une Femme Française, Eng
2nd Hand Lions, Eng

Anne Dudley
Bone Monkey, Eng

Matt Dunkley
Peter Pan (the musical), Eng/Mix
Spirit Warriors, Eng
3 Musketeers, Eng
Windkracht 10, Eng/Mix

Danny Elfman
Black Beauty, Eng

George Fenton
Carla’s Song, Eng
Heaven’s Prisoners, Eng
Mrs Henderson Presents, Eng
The Crucible, Eng

Mike Figgis/James Mallison
Loss Of Sexual Innocence, Eng

Oscar Fogelstrom
The Hypnotist, Eng/Mix

John Frizzell
Gods & Generals, Eng

Richard Gibbs
101 Dalmatians 2, Eng

Jerry Goldsmith
The Ghost in The Darkness, Eng

Harry Gregson-Williams
Kingdom Of Heaven, Eng
Smilla’s Sense of Snow, Eng

Rupert Gregson-Williams
About A Boy, Eng
Bee Movie, Eng
Thunderpants, Eng

Alex Heffes
The First Grader, eng
The Last King Of Scotland, Eng/Mix

Gregoire Hetzel
Trois Mondes, Eng/Mix

Nellee Hooper
Romeo & Juliet, Eng/Mix

James Horner
Legends of the Fall, Eng
We’re Back, Eng

James Newton Howard
Green Lantern (choir), Eng
Love And Other Drugs, Eng
Blood Diamond, Eng
Batman Begins (with Hans Zimmer), Eng
King Kong, Eng
Restoration, Eng/Mix
The Waterhorse, Eng/Mix
The Great Debaters, Eng/Mix

Mark Isham
Dolphin Tale, Eng/Mix

Alberto Iglesias
Exodus: Gods and Kings, Mix

Steve Jablonsky
Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (choir), Eng

Jóhann Jóhannsson
Mary Magdalene, Eng/Mix
The Mercy, Eng
The Theory of Everything, Eng
Prisoners, Eng

Trevor Jones
In The Name Of The Father, Eng

Jan Kaczmarek
Lost Souls, Eng

Michael Kamen
Don Juan de Marco, Eng/Mix
Event HorizonEng
The Avengers (with Marius DeVries), Eng
What Dreams May Come True, Eng

Tuomas Kantelinen
The Adventurers, Eng/Mix
The Legend of Hercules, Eng/Mix
Snow Queen (ballet)’ Eng/Mix
Purge, Eng
The Italian Key, Eng/Mix
Arn, Eng/Mix
Hotet, Eng/Mix
Mother of Mine, Eng/Mix
Quest For A Heart, Eng/Mix
Mongol, Eng/Mix

Harald Kloser
10,000 BC, Eng
Alien V Predator, Eng/Mix

Abel Korzeniowski
Nocturnal Animals, Eng/Mix
Emperor, Eng/Mix

Hervé Lavandier
Miniscule, Eng

Antoni Lazarkiewicz
Copying Beethoven, Eng/Mix

Michael Le Grand
Les Demoiselles De Rochefort, Eng

Eric Levi
Les Visiteurs, Eng/Mix

Maurizio Malagnini
The Paradise – Series 2 (Eps 3 & 7), Eng/Mix

James Mallison
Loss Of Sexual Innocence (with Mike Figgis), Eng/Mix

Henry Mancini
Son of the Pink Panther, Eng

Clint Mansell
Ghost In The Shell, Eng/Mix
Loving Vincent, Eng/Mix
High Rise, Eng/Mix
Noah, Eng/Mix
Filth, Eng/Mix
Stoker, Eng/Mix
Black Swan, Eng/Mix
Faster, Eng/Mix
Last Night, Eng/Mix
Farewell, Eng/Mix
Moon, Eng/Mix
Blood, Eng/Mix
The Wrestler, Eng/Mix
Definitely Maybe, Eng/Mix
Doom, Eng/Mix
Smokin’ Aces, Eng/Mix
The Fountain, Eng/Mix

Stuart Matthewman
Astronaut Farmer, Eng/Mix

Paul McCartney
Tropical Island Hum, Eng/Mix

Joel McNeely
Shadows Of The Empire (with Robert Townson), Eng/Mix
The Gold Diggers, Eng/Mix
Heffalumps, Eng

Alan Menken
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Eng

Trevor Morris
Emerald City (TV), Eng
Immortals, Eng

Jenny Muskett
Natural World, Eng/Mix
The Wedding Dress, Eng/Mix
Antarctica, Eng/Mix
B.Monkey, Eng/Mix
Miss Austen Regrets, Eng/Mix
Mr In Between, Eng/Mix
Prince and Me, Eng/Mix
Robinson Crusoe, Eng/Mix

Blake Neely
The Sixites, Eng/Mix
Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon, Eng/Mix

David Newman
Operation Dumbo Drop, Eng

Randy Newman
James and the Giant Peach, Eng

Julian Nott
Wallace & Gromit, Eng/Mix

Ben Onono & Paul Thomson
Half of a Yellow Sun, Eng/Mix

Octane, Eng/Mix

Daniel Pemberton
Ghost Recon, Eng

Heitor Pereira
Curious George, Eng

Ramon Pipin
On ne Choisit pas sa Famille, Eng

Basil Poledouris
Jungle Book, Eng
Lassie, Eng
Les Miserables, Eng
Mickey Blue Eyes, Eng/Mix

Jocelyn Pook
Cher Papa, Eng/Mix

Reg Powell
Alaska, Eng/Mix

Zbigniew Preisner
Between Strangers, Eng/Mix
Dreaming Of Joseph Lees, Eng/Mix
It’s All About Love, Eng/Mix
Les Effroyables Jardins, Eng/Mix
The Last September, Eng/Mix
The Perez Family, Eng
When A Man loves A Woman, Eng

John Du Prez
The Place of Lions, Eng

A.R. Rahman
The Infinite Man, Eng/Mix
The Hundred-Foot Journey, Eng/Mix
Kochadaiiyaan, Eng/Mix
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (with Craig Armstrong), Eng/Mix
Lord of The Rings Stage Show Soundtrack, Eng/Mix

Phil Ramone
Beyond the Sea (with Kevin Spacey), Eng/Mix

JAC Redford
Mighty Ducks 3, Eng/Mix

Graeme Revell
Below, Eng/Mix

Victor Reyes
Red Lights, Eng

Trent Reznor
Gone Girl, Eng

Brett Rosenberg
Half Light, Eng/Mix

Atticus Ross
Broken City, Eng
Book of Eli, Eng

William Ross
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, Eng

Guillaume Roussel
HhHH, Eng
Le Crocodile du Botswanga, Eng

Marc Shaiman
And So It Goes, Eng

Ed Shearmur
Wings of a Dove, Eng

Philip Sheppard
Human Universe, Eng

Howard Shore
Ed Wood, Eng
Gangs of New York, Eng/Mix

Clinton Shorter
Pompeii, Eng/Mix
Jappeloup, Eng/Mix
Contraband, Eng/Mix

Alan Silvestri
Captain America: The First Avenger, Eng

Dave Stewart
Showgirls, Eng

David Torn
The Sin Eater, Eng/Mix

Joseph Trapanese
Wolf Warrior 2, Eng
The Siege of Jadotville, Eng/Mix

Fiachra Trench
The Boys From County Clare, Eng

Lucas Vidal
Fast and Furious 6, Eng
The Raven, Eng

Jake Walker
Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This, Eng

Scott Walker
Pola X, Eng/Mix

Nathan Wang
The Dreaming Man, Eng

Mark Watters
Return of Jafar, Eng

Chris Young
Entrapment, Eng/Mix

Geoff Zanelli
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (choir only), Eng
Louder Than Words, Eng
Should’ve Been Romeo, Eng

Hans Zimmer
Terminator Genisys, Eng (with Lorne Balfe)
Little Prince, Eng (with Richard Harvey)
Interstellar, Eng
The Dark Knight Rises, Eng
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Eng
Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows, Eng
Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, Eng
Inception, Eng
Despicable Me, Eng
Clash Of The Titans, Eng
Sherlock Holmes, Eng/Mix
Rango, Eng
Angels And Demons (choir), Eng
The Dark Knight, Eng
Batman Begins (with James Newton Howard), Eng
Crimson Tide, Eng
King Arthur, Eng
Madagascar, Eng
Mission Impossible 2, Eng
Peacemaker, Eng
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End, Eng
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Eng
Prince Of Egypt, Eng
Ring 2 (with Henning Lohner and Martin Tillman), Eng
Shark Tale, Eng
Spirit, Eng
The Da Vinci Code, Eng
The Lion King, Eng
The Ring, Eng
Thunderbirds, Eng

Samuel Zyman
The Other Conquest, Eng/Mix