Jack C Arnold
Holy Flying Circus, Mix
Albatross, Eng/Mix

Eduard Artemyev
Nutcracker and The Rat King, Eng

Tim Atack
The Christmas Candle, Mix

Rene Aubry
Stickman, Eng/Mix
The Gruffalo’s Child, Eng/Mix
The Gruffalo, Eng/Mix

Klaus Badelt
Le Pere Noel, Eng
Queen of The Desert, Eng/Mix
Supercondriaque, Eng
Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia, Eng/Mix
La Guerre Des Boutons, Eng/Mix
Motorstorm Apocolypse, Eng/Mix
Heartbreakers, Eng/Mix
L’Immortel a/k/a 22 Bullets, Eng/Mix
L’Arnacoeur (Heartbreaker), Eng/Mix
The Extra Man, Eng/Mix
Dragons Treasure, Eng/Mix
( The Bubble at ‘City of Dreams’ in Macau)
Solomon Kane, Eng/Mix
Pour Elle, Eng/Mix

Badly Drawn Boy
About A Boy, Eng

Ruth Barrett
Critical, Mix
Hunted, Eng/Mix
Twenty8K, Eng
Toast, Eng/Mix
Bouquet of Barbed Wire, Eng/Mix
Married, Single, Other, Eng/Mix
The Take, Eng/Mix
Wuthering Heights, Eng/Mix
Whitechapel, Eng/Mix
True, Dare, Kiss, Eng/Mix

Stephen Baysted
Project Cars 2 (video game), Eng/Mix
Project Cars (video game), Eng

Richard Beddow
Total War: Warhammer (video game), Mix

Richard Blair-Oliphant
Great Barrier Reef, Mix

Tim Burton / Stephen Sondheim
Sweeney Todd, Eng

Richard Canavan
Britain and Ireland From The Sky, Mix

Marc Canham
The Dissapearance of Alice Creed, Mix

Avshalom Caspi
De Tu Ventana A La Mia, Eng/Mix

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
War Machine, Eng/Mix
Hell or High Water, Eng/Mix
20,000 Days on Earth, Prod/Eng/Mix
Loin Des Hommes, Prod/Eng/Mix
West of Memphis, Prod/Eng/Mix
Days Of Grace “Dias di Gracias”, Prod/Eng/Mix
The Road, Prod/Eng/Mix
The Death of Bunny Munroe (audiobook), Eng/Mix
The Assassination of Jesse James, Eng/Mix
The Proposition, Eng/Mix
The English Surgeon, Eng/Mix

Sarah Class & Will Slater
BBC Series Africa, Eng

Matt Clifford
Various UEFA projects, Mix

Stephen Coleman
Marked, Mix

Jessica Curry
Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (video game), Eng/Mix

Alexander Desplat
The Grand Budapest Hotel, Add. Eng
The Golden Compass, Add. Eng

Patrick Doyle
A United Kingdom, Eng/Mix
Cinderella, Eng/Mix
Enchanted Kingdoms, Eng/Mix
Pars Vite et Reviens Tard, Eng/Mix

Danny Elfman
Corpse Bride, Eng

Ilan Eshkeri
Stardust, Eng

Guy Farley
That Good Night, Eng
Tula: The Revolt, Eng

George Fenton
Life (Insects), Mix
Life (Primates), Eng

Ben Foster
Hidden Kingdoms, Eng/Mix
Shirley, Eng/Mix
Torchwood – Series 1, 2 & 3, Eng/Mix

Jim Fowler
Digg’s Nightcrawler (video game), Eng/Mix

Jim Fowler & Joe Thwaites
Harry Potter – Book of Potions (video game), Eng/Mix
Harry Potter – Book Of Spells (video game), Eng/Mix

Lucius Godoy
My Bakery in Brooklyn, Eng/Mix

Murray Gold
Midsummer Nights Dream, Eng/Mix
Life Stories, Eng/Mix
Survival, Eng/Mix
Dr Who – Series 2 to current, Eng/Mix
The Musketeers, Eng/Mix
Death At A Funeral (End Song), Eng/Mix
Hoodwinked Too, Eng/Mix
Alien Autopsy, Eng/Mix
Mischief Night, Eng/Mix

Andy Gray
TT3D Closer To The Edge, Mix

Peter Gregson
A Little Chaos, Eng/Mix

Daniel Hart
Pete’s Dragon, Eng

Christian Henson
Robot Overlords, Eng/Mix
Alien: Isolation – Computer Game, Eng/Mix
The Devil’s Double, Eng/Mix
Spitfire (Audio sampling) Eng/Mix
A Bunch Of Amateurs, Eng/Mix
Jones – Computer Game, Eng

Andrew Hewitt
Submarine, Eng/Mix

Ian Honeyman
Hexe Lilli (Lilly The Witch), Eng/Mix

Andy Hopkins
David Beckham: For The Love of The Game, Mix
The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice, Mix
Da Dog Show, Mix
Patient 39, Mix
David Simpson, Mix
Paranormal Witness, Mix
Banged Up Abroad, Mix
Planet Word, Eng/Mix
Filthy Cities, Eng/Mix

Frank Ilfman
Coward, Mix

Mark Isham & Sting
Racing Stripes Song on ‘Inside Rail’, Eng

Henry Jackman
Man On A Ledge, Eng/Mix (orchestra)

Jody Jenkins
Turtle Trek – Seaworld, Eng/Mix

Jim Johnston
Inside Out, Eng/Mix
The Chaperone (WWF), Eng/Mix
Knucklehead (WWF), Eng/Mix
Legendary (WWF), Eng/Mix

Rael Jones
My Cousin Rachel, Eng/Mix

Omar Khairat
Welad El-aam (Cousins), Mix

Amory Leader
Lumo: The Gospel of St Mark, Eng/Mix
Lumo: The Gospel of St Luke, Eng/Mix
Lumo: The Gospel of St John, Eng/Mix

Amory Leader / Cerebral
Black Water Transit, Eng

Maurizio Malagnini
Call The Midwife – Series 4 & 5, Eng/Mix
Wendy & Peter, Eng/Mix
The C Word, Eng/Mix
The Paradise – Series 1 & 2, Eng/Mix
Body Farm, Eng/Mix

Dru Masters
Finding Camille, Mix
Capital, Eng/Mix
Young James Herriot, Mix
Jump, Eng/Mix
Silk – Series 1, 2 & 3, Eng/Mix
Jumop, Eng/Mix
Desperately Hungry Housewives, Eng/Mix

Andrew Simon McAllister
Rocky Ros Muc, Mix

Under The Skin, Mix

James Newton Howard
Hunger Games: Catching Fire + Trailer, Add Eng

Anne Nitikin
Dark Horse, Eng
Freistatt, Eng

Dana Niu
Fort McCoy, Eng/Mix

Julian Nott
The Decoy Bride, Eng/Mix

Ben Onono
Danny and the Human Zoo, Mix
Fifty, Mix

John Opstad
Black Mirror “White Bear”, Mix

Daniel Pemberton
Runaway, Eng

Martin Phipps
Britain In A Day, Eng
Wallander, Mix
Great Expectations, Mix
Brighton Rock, Mix
Harry Brown, Eng/Mix
Small Island, Eng/Mix
End Game, Eng/Mix

Martin Phipps & Hans Zimmer
Woman in Gold, Eng/Mix

Alessandro Ponti
Brave Naked (short), Eng
Order of Battle: Pacific – Britannia (video game), Mix

Conrad Pope
Tim’s Vermeer, Eng

Michael Price
Wild Child, Eng

Trevor Rabin
Flyboys, Eng

Peter Raeburn
Woodshock, Mix

A R Rahman
127 Hours, Eng

Emmanuel Rambaldi
Les Tribulations d’une Cassiere, Eng

Rob Simonsen
Gifted, Eng

Dominic Scherrer
The Missing, Mix

Eric Serra
Chris Angel ‘Believe’, Eng/Mix

Marc Shaiman
LBJ, Eng
The Magic of Belle Island, Eng
Sergio (Chasing the Flame), Eng/Mix

Phillip Sheppard
Chosen, Eng
The Fear of Thirteen, Eng
World National Anthems for 2012 Olympics, Prod/Eng/Mix
Human Universe, Eng/Mix
Love Marilyn, Eng
God In America, Eng
The Tillman Story, Eng

Sam Sim
The Coalition, Mix
Salma, Mix
Lad, Mix

Rob Simonsen
The Only Living Boy in New York, Eng
The Age of Adaline, Eng (choir)
Foxcatcher, Eng

Will Slater
Africa, Mix

Kevin Stahl
Destined, Mix

The Cinematic Orchestra
Crimson Wing, Mix

Sheridan Tongue
The Voice in The Head, Mix
The Sparticle Mystery – Series 2 & 3, Mix
DCI Banks – Series 1, 2 & 3, Mix
Silent Witness – Series 14 to current, Mix
Wonders of the Solar System, Mix
The Sparticle Mystery – Series 1, 2 & 3, Mix
Atlas 4D, Mix
Stephen Hawking’s Universe, Mix

Joe Trapanese
Allegiant (pt.1), Eng

Ben Wallfisch
Bitter Harvest, Eng
Hours, Eng
Bhopal, Eng/Mix
Summer In February, Eng/Mix
Breaking The Mould, Eng/Mix
Peter Pan (Live in Kensington Gardens), Eng/Mix

Richard Wells
Treehouse, Mix
Switch, Mix
Being Human – Series 1 – 5, Mix
The Mutant Chronicles, Eng/Mix

Chris Westlake (arranger) (Original composer: John Williams)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Trailer 3), Eng

Austin Wintory
Assassins Creed Syndicate (video game), Eng

Ten Pieces (CBBC), Eng/Mix


Tangerine Films – JAGUAR “GRIP” All Wheel Drive, Eng
Tesco – Lights On, Eng/Mix
Halifax – HomeFinder / Savers Prize Draw, Eng/Mix
Thomson – Holidays Just Got Better, Eng/Mix
Range Rover – On Days Like These, Eng/Mix
Lynx / Axe – Sexy Boy, Eng/Mix
Bisto – Promise, Eng/Mix
Sony 3DTV, Eng/Mix
Lipton – Mission Impossible, Eng/Mix
Peroni – La Dolce Vita, Eng/Mix
John Lewis – Xmas07, Eng/Mix
Verizon, Eng/Mix
Walker’s Sensations – Charlotte Church, Eng/Mix
H&M – Just Can’t get Enough, Eng/Mix
Mars Celebrations – Everybody, Eng/Mix