Rupert started working for AIR at Oxford Street in 1987 and moved with the studio to AIR Lyndhurst via a stint in Montserrat, before joining AIR Management.  Over the years he has worked with a host of the world’s finest producers, composers and artists including Sir George Martin, The Rolling Stones, Max Richter, Michel Legrand, Neil Davidge and Danny Elfman, to name just a few.

He is a versatile producer and engineer, covering the musical spectrum from full orchestral recordings and film scores to less traditional scores such as the US box office Number One ‘Limitless’ and the blockbuster ‘Dredd’ for composer Paul Leonard Morgan.

Other work includes recording and mixing an album in the autumn last year for the legendary French composer Michel Legrand.  Most recently he has recorded and mixed Max Richter’s score for the film Hostiles, the new Netflix movie Annihilation scored by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow and he has also been working with Neil Davidge, mixing his scores for Hard Sun for the BBC and Britannia for Sky Atlantic.

Current and Recent projects:  Mary Queen of Scots (film) and Tin Star 2 (TV)


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