Craig Armstrong
Far From The Madding Crowd, Eng
Mrs Lowry and Son, Eng
The Clearing, Eng
Best Laid Plans, Mix

Angelo Badalamenti & The Insects
44 Inch Chest, Mix

Lorne Balfe
Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Additional Mixing

Max Beesley
The Emperor’s Wife, Eng

Pritam Chakraborty
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Eng

Sylvain Chomet
The Illusionist, Eng

Sarah Class
The Way of The Eagle, Eng/Mix
Dartmoor Killings, Mix
Meerkats, Eng/Mix
Mystery of the Wolf, Eng/Mix
Africa, Eng/Mix
Brothers of the Wind, Eng/Mix

Ray Cooper & Michael Kamen
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Eng/Mix

Adrian Corker
Tin Star, Eng

Robin Coudert
Troy: Fall of a City, Eng

Michael Csanyi-Wills
Chasing Satellites, Mix
The Power of Story Telling (video for the National Trust), Mix
Maestro, Mix
Time to Decide (Short), Mix
King of Nerac, Mix

Michael Csanyi-Wills & Nigel Clarke
Will, Eng
Thief Lord, Eng

Neil Davidge
Hard Sun, Mix
Britannia, Mix
Good People, Mix

Alexandre Desplat
The Grand Budapest Hotel, Add Eng

Patrick Doyle
Last Legion, Eng
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire(End titles), Eng

Stuart Earl
And Then There Were None, Eng/Mix
Ordeal by Innocence, Eng/Mix

Electric Wave
The Kid Who Would Be King, Additional Mix

Danny Elfman
Frankenweenie, Additional Eng
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Additional Eng
Corpse Bride, Additional Eng

Daniel Elms
Road Games, Eng/Mix

Guy Farley & Chris Slaski
A Good American, Eng

Guy Fletcher
Spirit Trap, Eng

Haim Frank Ilfman
The Intruder, Mix

Murray Gold
Dr Who (Series 9), Add Mix
The Musketeers, Eng/Mix
I Want Candy, Eng/Mix

Rupert Gregson-Williams
Bedtime Stories, Additional Eng
Bee Movie, Additional Eng

Alex Heffes
Earth – One Amazing Day, Eng
Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo Qiang, Mix
Roots (TV – Ep 3), Eng
Palio, Eng/Mix

Dickon Hinchliffe
Special Correspondents, Eng/Mix
Project Nim, Eng
Above Suspicion, Eng

Steve Jablonsky
Transformers: The Movie, Eng

Leighton James House
Only You Can Save Mankind (stage show), Mix

Adrian Johnston
Brideshead Revisited, Eng

Tuomas Kantelinen
Arn: The Knight Templar, Eng

Ji Soo Lee
Big Match, Mix

Jerry Lane
Theeb, Mix

Paul Leonard Morgan
Walking With Dinosaurs, Eng/Mix
Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon, Mix
The Numbers Station, Mix
Dredd, Mix
Limitless (TV series), Eng/Mix
The Quiet One, Mix
Battlefield Hardline (video game), Eng/Mix

Maurizio Malagnini
Peter & Wendy, Add Eng
Call The Midwife, Eng

Dario Marianelli
The Brothers Grimm, Eng/Mix
Paddington 2, Additional Eng

Dru Masters
Capital, Eng/Mix
Silk (Series 3), Mix

Joel McNeely
Lilo & Stick 2, Eng

Nico Muhly
Howards End, Eng

James Newton-Howard
Blood Diamond, Eng

Chris Nightingale
Pride, Eng/Mix

John Powell & Matt Margeson
Pan (Songs only), Eng/Mix

John Powell & David Buckley
Jason Bourne, additional Eng

Max Richter
Hostiles, Eng/Mix
Guerilla, Eng/Mix
Miss Sloane, Eng/Mix
Taboo, Eng/Mix
Black Mirror, Eng/Mix
Sense Of An Ending, Eng/Mix
Morgan, Eng/Mix
Testament of Youth, Eng/Mix
Paradise Lost, Eng/Mix
The Leftovers (Series 1, 2 & 3), Eng/Mix
96 Heures, Mix
Last Days On Mars, Eng/Mix
The Congress, Mix
Lore, Eng
My Brilliant Friend, Eng/Mix
Mary Queen of Scots, Eng/Mix
Werk ohne Autor/Never Look Away, Eng/Mix
White Boy Rick, Eng/Mix
Into the Forest, Eng/Mix

Shiro Sagisu
Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, Eng/Mix
Beserk, Eng/Mix
Bleach 4, Eng/Mix
Shin Godzilla, Eng
Black Bullet (13 Episodes), Eng
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (25 episodes), Eng

Shiro Sagisu & Shiro Washizu
Attack on Titan: Part 1, Eng
Attack on Titan 2: End of the World, Eng

Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow 
Ex Machina, Mix
Annihilation, Mix

Sam Sim
The Halcyon (TV), Eng/Mix
Maigret’s Dead Man (TV Movie), Mix

Will Slater
Shark, Mix
Africa, Eng/Mix

Will Slater & Benji Merrison
Dynasties (Episodes 1, 3 & 5), Mix

Paul Thomson
The Interceptor, Eng

Lucas Vidal
The Tree of Blood, Eng

Karl Wallinger
Reality Bites, Eng/Mix

Stephen Warbeck
Living The Dream 2, Eng

Nigel Westlake & Mike Batt
Miss Potter (End titles), Eng/Mix

Matthew Wilcock
Narcopolis, Mix

Hans Zimmer
Sherlock Holmes, Additional Eng
Madagascar 3, Additional Eng
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, Eng

Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe
Megamind, Additional Eng

Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro
The Boss Baby, Add Eng


Canon, Eng/Mix

Nick Foster
Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert (choir), Eng

Henrik Skram
H&M Christmas 2015