Tame Impala
Innerspeaker (album), Eng

Turning The Mind (album), Prod

Yo Majesty
Futuristically Speaking (album), Mix

Songs in A&E (album), Mix

A Human
Third Hand Prophecy (album), Prod/Mix

The Real Heat
Hearts Not In It (single), Radio Edit

Red Snapper 
EP, Co-Prod/Mix

The Early Years
The Early Years (album tracks), Prod/Mix
So Far Gone (single), Prod/Mix
All Ones and Zeros (EP), Prod/Mix

Forgiveness (album track), Co Prod/Eng/Mix

6 by 7
She Didn’t Say (single), Co Prod/Mix

Ed Harcourt
Here Be Monsters (album), Prod/Eng/Mix

Death In Vegas
Satans Circus (album), Co-wrote/Prod/Eng/Mix
Scorpio Rising (single), Co-wrote/Prod/Eng/Mix
The Contino Sessions (album), Co-wrote/Prod/Eng/Mix
Opium Shuffle (12″ single), Eng/Mix
Dirt (EP), Eng/Mix
Dead Elvis (album), Eng/Mix

Primal Scream
Shoot Speed/Kill Light (single), Co-prod/Mix
XTRMNTR (album), Co-prod/Mix
Burning Wheel (Chemical Remix), Eng
Trainspotting (soundtrack), Eng/Mix
Cry Myself Blind (single remix), Eng/Mix

Regular Fries
King Kong (single), Mix
Accept The Signal (album tracks), Mix
Dust it Don’t Bust it (track), Mix

The Egg
Travelator (album), Co Prod/Eng/Mix

Come Together (single), Remix Eng

The Aloof
Title t.b.a (album), Rec

Monkey Mafia
Shoot the Boss (album), Eng

Asylum (album), Mix

Casino Royale
CRX (album), Co Prod/Eng

So Long Glasgow (12″ remix), Remix

Beth Orton
Stolen Car (single), Eng
She Cries Your Name (single Import), Mix

Dot Allison
Afterglow (album tracks), Prod/Prog/Mix

St Etienne
How We Used To Live (single), Eng/Mix
People Get Real (Fearless remix), Eng

Espiritu Number One (album), Mix

Minefields (Monkey Mafia mix), Eng/Mix

Stupid Girl (Snapper remix), Eng/Mix

Chemical Brothers
Leave Home, Jabba, Delik, Life Is Sweet, Loops Of Fury (12″s), Eng/Mix

Red Snapper
Prince Blimey (album), Co Prod/Eng
Reeled & Skinned (album), Prog/Mix

Best Lives (tracks), Mix

Ken Ishii
Snapper remix, Eng/Prog/Mix

Paraffin (Snapper remix), Eng/Mix
Paraffin (Fearless remix), Eng/Mix
Heidi (Scream remix), Eng

Cover The Crime (album tracks), Eng

Life’s Addiction
Jesus Coming In (Fearless remix), Eng

Darkness (single), Eng
Pandora’s Box (album tracks), Eng

Method Man
Bring The Pain (Chemical Remix), Eng